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Flyer Design

We regularly work with estate agents to deliver marketing initiatives such as a mail drops and door to door canvassing. If you are looking for an estate agent flyer design, our creation can be designed to fit seamlessly into you brand style or we can deliver something with a totally new aesthetic.

Poster Design

Launching a new product or service, trying to raise brand awareness or simply trying to create a sale? Our knowledgeable designers will assist you from brief to flyer conception. The most important factor of a SME flyer is the purpose and every design we create supports this from start to finish.

Leaflet Design

A leaflet design can effectively broaden your markets, attract new attention and strengthen your overall brand awareness. Our bespoke leaflet design service is both affordable and exceptionally high quality. We work closely with you, from brief to print, to ensure you are happy with the final leaflet creation and we can produce a number of different types of leaflets for you that include unfolded leaflets, folded leaflets and tri-folded leaflets.

Web Design

We provide simple static website pages right through to fully dynamic PCI compliant stores. Our design and development process focuses firmly on meeting your requirements but we pride ourselves on identifying and contributing recommendations that will exceed your project expectations and expand your return.

Design Articles


Easy HTML5 Background Videos

The Video Backgrounds for SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin lets you quickly and easily add a background video to any page builder row.

P.S. Looking for great background videos? Try BG Stock - a library of stock videos specifically for website backgrounds.

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July BakeryBits Intel

Key Monthly Critical Points:
  • Massive growth identified in 'Sourdough' & 'Keto Bread' Google terms (coconut flour/almond flour).
  • Adwords is showing promising signs following a cut of underperforming products.
  • Big flour demand spike indicated next month on trend charts.
  • SEO showing continued promising growth.
  • Mobile and Desktop traffic have now reached parity.

Mobile growth %(YOY)

Revenue %(YOY)

Desktop growth %(YOY)

Revenue %(YOY)

Tablet growth %(YOY)

Revenue %(YOY)


A breakdown of your SEO performance YOY.

Traffic: %


Revenue: %(YOY)

(£ vs £ (last year)

Conversion: %(YOY)

(vs % last year)


A breakdown of your Adwords performance MOM.

Spend: %(MOM)

Revenue: %(MOM)



(Last month: %)


Conversion data and success rates.

Traffic: (MOM)

(vs last year)

Revenue: £(MOM)

(vs £ last month)

Conversion: %(MOM)

(vs % last year)


A breakdown of your social media YOY.

Traffic (YOY)


Revenue: £(YOY)


Conversion: %(YOY)

(vs % last year)

Product Insight

Product sales that include the following terms.





Latest Snapshot

The "store" attribute of the shortcode

The "store" attribute of the shortcode [magento] is mandatory since 1.2.11. If the attribute is set, please make sure that the store code exists.

is mandatory since 1.2.11. If the attribute is set, please make sure that the store code exists.


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Packaging Design

Croakham Farm Honey

We were tasked with refreshing the packaging of a range of honey. The design applied was energetic and intended to create better engagement with the consumer.
Packaging Design - Farm Shop

Branding Considerations

Honey has strong associations with illness so the radical design attempts to break this link and at the same time reference environmental responsibility for future generations.

Brochure Design Tips

A brochure design can be a strong and informative way to engage your potential and current customers. If you need to provide information on a service, product or event, a brochure will provide a flexible and tangible way to present your brand information. Continue reading

Writing web copy for SEO

These recommendations are purely speculative and based on reviewing content that marks well. It is impossible to determine the specific criteria as it’s obviously a closely guarded secret but we can consider, in a logical way, how Google might be assessing your data.

Titles are key. It’s relatively well known that the title will weight the page in favour of the title term. Keep this as undiluted, targeted and concise as possible to match your chosen term. It is far easier to target and rank highly for a niché term like ‘Blade Runner showings in Cardiff’ than a highly-competed term like ‘Blade Runner’. However using this as a title will generate significantly less traffic than a broader term and it may also prove restrictive in future if you plan to expand this page into new areas outside of the niché term.

For our example we will be looking closely at a highly-competed term in Google that is likely to generate a lot of traffic.

‘Blade Runner’

When looking at the number 1 ranking page in Google, which happens to be a Wikipedia page, we find that the title is simply ‘Blade Runner’. This is the closest possible match to our inputted term.

SEO content example

Placement of the word in the paragraphs
A lot of high-ranking page examples that we review repeatedly feature the key-term at the start of 1/4 of the paragraphs that make up the body text. It suggests to us that the positioning of the word, in relation to the paragraph, plays an important role and emphasises the importance of the key term. Simply put – try and place your key term at the start of the paragraph.

Word relationship
Google needs to analyse large sets of data and claims to award sites favourably that are an ‘authority in their field’. OK – how might it know that you’re an ‘authority’ in your field?

A programmatic approach for handling masses of data and assessing strength of quality is likely to come from the evaluation of copy, measuring and cross-referencing word relationships that Google likely has stored in their servers. In essence – we need to be speaking the field language.

e.g ‘Blade Runner’

Objective field relationship words for ‘Blade Runner’:

Harrison Ford, directed, science-fiction, Ridley Scott, replicants, critics, film, screenings, digitally re-mastered, sequel, plot, cast, narrative

Subjective field relationship words for ‘Blade Runner’:

Neo-noir, burnt-out, polarised, influential, aesthetically significant, portayal

Optimum Paragraph Length

80-140 words


  • General, loose and generic terms like: ‘we have what you need’, ‘browse our range’, ‘to suit every case’. Always try and link your phrases back to the targeted term. General terms like these will do nothing except dilute your quality content and most probably bore your users. You could do more harm than good by including these.
  • Keyword stuffing – Don’t overuse your targeted words but do include simple variants wherever possible e.g ‘bake’, ‘baking’, ‘baker’ and ‘baked’ .

Article Relationship
Does the page contain funnel points to other articles that relate strongly and that are relevent to the target term field?

e.g ‘you may also be interested in X’ ’Source: Blade Runner on IMDB’.

Apple Automater – WordPress Login

Time – one thing we never seem to have much of. Fortunately, if you have a Mac, this handy tip will save you clambering for the links, the username, the password and let you simply get on with editing your website. You’ll be delegating to your computer in no time.

What are we doing?

Making your computer log in to WordPress on a word command.


  • Download this file here.
  • Double click it to unzip.
  • Double click it again to open it up in Automator.
  • Click the arrow alongside ‘Get Specified URLs’.
  • Change the text that says ‘WEBSITE’ to your WordPress site URL.
  • Click the arrow alongside ‘Run Applescript’.
  • Change the text that says ‘USERNAME’ to your WordPress Username.
  • Change the text ‘PASSWORD’ to your WordPress password.
  • Press Command and ‘S’ to save.

At this point you now have a file that you can run to automate the process of logging you in to WordPress. You could schedule if via your calender or create a keyboard shortcut but we want to command this by voice so we still need to do some additional stuff.

  • Go to System Preferences < Accessibility < Dictation
  • If you click ‘enable the dictation keyword’ the listening feature will activate on your say so but it has a nasty habbit of picking up the telly and music and activating without intention. I recommend you keep it switched off and double click the ‘fn’ key to activate it.
  • Now click ‘Dictation Commands’ followed by the plus icon.
  • Type in command phrase e.g ‘Website Login’.
  • Select ‘Perform’ select box and choose ‘Open Finder Items’ and select the file you edited.

Your now ready to command the login so double click the ‘fn’ key and say your command phrase.


  • Keep the file in the same place on your hardrive so that it does not break the link that you created.
  • If your command doesn’t work so well then try another word combination.

Brochure Design

Bespoke and affordable brochure designs to engage your markets and captivate your audience.

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Brochure Design