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Latest Design Projects

Dent Master | Web Design

web design | car servicing

Flyer Design | Festival Flyer Design

flyer design | UK Carnival Arts | Web Design

Luton web design

Flyer Design | Festival Flyer Design

flyer design | UK Carnival Arts | Web Design

Wales web design

Pentagon Marketing | Web Design

Swansea web design

Elysium Gallery | Swansea Web Design

Swansea web design

Flyer Design | Coventry Student Union

flyer design | Students

This nightclub flyer design example was produced for Coventry Students' Union.

Artawe | Swansea Web Design

Swansea web design

This new Swansea web design is due for a release in mid-November 2010 and is aimed primarily at creative practitioners. The website provides previews of related events across Swansea, allowing users to contribute.

Swansea Metroplitan University

Swansea Metropolitan University | brand design

Shown above is a selection of new marketing materials for the Swansea Metropolitan University, International department. The project includes folder designs, flyer designs, leaflet designs and banner designs.

Isca Networks Website Design

touch screen user interface design & web design

Receptive Media worked with Isca Networks to create this engaging high quality website design. Part of the project involved design of a range of icons and also Javascript development.

Swansea Fringe Festival

Swansea leaflet design
Swansea leaflet design

The example above depicts a shot taken from the Swansea Fringe programme design. The design was accompanied by a series of poster deisgns to promote the events being held

Receptive Media has recently completed a Freshers campaign for Swansea Metropolitan Students' Union. The project includes a Freshersposter design, flyer design, newspaper design and a welcome leaflet design for the new students.

Receptive Media has produced some new graphic design work for, Reading music festival, Break The Scene. The flyer designs have a fresh and grungy aesthetic style with a high impact.

Work has begun on a new graphic design project for SPLAT Coventry.The project involves a new logo design, flyer design, poster design & website design that are all aimed at a student market.

Receptive Media is working closely with the Swansea Metropolitan University international department to design, produce and develop a communication strategy across a range of marketing materials. Make sure you check the website for a future case study of the project, which features a folder design, flyer design, poster design, brochure design and pdf newsletter design.

Receptive Media is proud to work on a range of flyers and poster designs for Stratford Bureau bar & nightclub.

Leaflet Design

Leaflet design that is both high quality and affordable. Our aim is simply to ensure that your leaflet fulfils the objectives that you want to achieve. Available design solutions include, folded, unfolded and tri-folded leaflet design.

Leaflet design prices
Designing a leaflet design

Flyer Design

Flyer design can provide a valuable and cost effective way to get your message out. We provide a bespoke, high quality and fast turnaround service to a large number of high profile SME's and promoters. Click here to view our flyer design prices.

Web Design

We specialise in a broad range of digital design and web development techniques that can be translated across a range of different mediums.


We are a small and dedicated design studio that specialise in a broad spectrum of printed and digital design services. Our regular offerings range from graphic design right through to digital development, encompassing e-commerce, SEO, user interface design and web design.

Leaflet Designer Tips

Leaflet design tips are easy to come by but not always beneficial for your marketing project. It's important you get the right advice and ensure your printed leaflets project the right image for your business and service, be it through colour, style and visual tone.

When designing a leaflet design you will first need to consider the purpose. Are you raising awareness amongst your target market and building brand exposure, are you promoting a promotion, or are you attempting to realise a sale? These are all question that should be asked when first considering the leaflet design brief and should be followed closely throughout your design project. If the aim with your leaflet design is to convert and encourage sales, you will need to strongly emphasise the unique selling point and clearly display your contact details. If you are aiming to attract a specific audience, then you will need to connect, through your flyer design, in a visual tone they can relate to and understand.

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