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Website designs can vary considerably. We provide simple static website pages, to large ecommerce stores, all from our home in Cardiff. Our design and development process focuses firmly on meeting your exact spec. We pride ourselves on finding ideas and recommendations that will exceed your project expectations. All for the purpose of delivering you return. Through a personal approach, it is important to us to develop an ongoing working relationship. For this reason we will always be warmly on hand should your requirements develop in future. We mainly design on WordPress and Magento web platforms but we can adapt to suit other platforms if required.

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Cardiff Web Design Example

eCommerce Websites

Do you need to sell products on the web via a website? We can help and advise you on getting across your key sales message, create the right tone and ensure you have everything you need to process payments. We will also advise you on the technical aspects, new ideas and limitations. The ecommerce environment is ever evolving and you can rest assured we'll keep you up to date.

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Website Hosting

Hosting is essentially website storage that is required to serve a website on the internet. We provide hosting that is tailored to the needs of each individual website. If you require configuring, optimising or hardening of basic, VPS or Dedicated Server then please get in touch with us.

Website Analytics and SEO

We install Google Analytics on every website design we produce. This will enable you to track and review your website stats, analyse traffic sources and review performance of a conducted website campaign. We can help to review your data, tell you which of your products might be underperforming and make recommendations that may dramatically impact your sales for the better.

Website Security

Website security is rightly a growing concern for many people that own or manage a website. We employ a number of entry-level security measures to every website we design as standard. We can also apply additional levels of security and assist you on advanced projects such as PCI compliance, WAF implementation, server hardening, penetration testing and general vulnerability reviewing.

The Web Design Process Explained

Design Process Summary Diagram

1. Specification

During the first stage we will need a provisional guide for the number of sections and pages you would like to include within your website. This will enable us to to determine the costs involved and plan your site architecture inline with your requirements.

2. Site Architecture

Getting the site architecture correct at this stage is key. This will help determine links, page relationships and visual elements within the page designs. A solid definition of a site plan will help ensure the project does not overrun and help support the user experience.

3. Concept Review

A design is created for each of the key page templates which are then presented for review in working format. This stage provides the opportunity to revise the design. Included in every quotation are three revision sets.

4. Sign Off

Once you are happy with the final design a working concept will be created for testing and final sign off. Usage guidance and advice will be provided to you for 90 days.

Web Design Examples


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BakeryBits is dedicated to selecting and providing the largest range of baking equipment and baking ingredients online.


Web Design Example - Cardiff


Mobile responsive Web Design

Yellow Moon Tours are an exiting and engaging private tour operator with a strong presence in London, New York, Paris and Ireland.


Mobile responsive | SEO | Speed Optimised

Modus has a long running history in the sports and entertainment sector and represents many of the World’s leading darts professionals today.

Web Design Example Thumbnail
Web Design Example - Cardiff


E-commerce | Mobile responsive | SEO | Speed Optimised

Web Design Digital Marketing

Helping you to understand your your website design statistics.
We can help you harness more from your website performance. By reviewing and investigating your website data, we'll report on critical findings to drive more traffic and produce greater returns.


We'll investigate device usage and report on growth. We'll also advise on ways to promote growth.

.e.g "Mobile growth is slowing YOY and would benefit from investment. These specific page are poorly perfoming..."


We'll closely examine your traffic sources and report on underperforming channels.

.e.g "Social media referrals are up 10% YOY"


Our reports will cover content in relation to SEO and advise you on content edits that will help to boost your positions in Google. We'll also indicate any key damaging content.


We'll report on conversion data (traffic vs a converted sale or enquiry). Our advice will improve conversions and we will also examine the performance of third-party channels and email marketing.

Services Overview.

Single Service

Digital marketing services to drive your services and sales.

Email Marketing | SEO | Social Media | Third Party Services | Google Adwords

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SEO Pack

We provide this package on a monthly basis.

  • Meta Data Review and Update
  • Expired Page Clean Up
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Rank Tracking
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Intel Pack

Full Marketing Review

    We will do a full review of your site data, make recommendations, alert on key trends, highlight elements of your site that are showing poor growth and report on potential market-related opportunities. We will summarise all channels so you get a monthly snapshot of all areas of performance and highlight the key parts of the data.

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