Common SEO Mistakes


Deleting Valuable Content

The order has come in to delete a product, article, or some other web page because it’s expired or out-of-date. However, the page in question has been generating a significant amount of website traffic from Google. Simply deleting it without consideration is a surefire way to ensure the page is removed from Google, thus losing all associated traffic. It would be better to understand how the page's link can be retained or reused. Ideally, the page should be kept, updated, made useful, and ultimately ensure that the traffic is not lost.

Changes to Hosting

In an effort to save costs, a decision is made to move hosts or change the website hosting. In turn, the speed of the site is negatively impacted. Google rewards fast websites, and the slowing down of your site will create a dramatic downturn in website traffic, related sales, and inquiries. Investing in your hosting costs should provide plenty of returns via growth in your Google positions.

Google Update

Suddenly, the growth metrics are not increasing as they should despite your good efforts. As a result, sales or inquiries might be down. We see this triggering a number of impulsive actions in an effort to attribute blame. However, with regular reporting, the source can often be traced back to a Google update, so careful evaluation of this is required, and a new direction of considerations for the SEO plan is necessary. Reports help ensure fast diagnosis of problems and avoid wild goose chases.