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We'll review and investigate your website data and report on critical findings to drive traffic and produce greater returns.


We'll investigate device usage and report on growth. We'll also advise on ways to promote growth.

.e.g "Mobile growth is slowing YOY and would benefit from investment. These specific page are poorly perfoming..."


We'll closely examine your traffic sources and report on underperforming channels

.e.g "Social media referrals are up 10% YOY"


Our reports will cover content in relation to SEO and advise you on content edits that will help to boost your positions in Google. We'll also indicate any key damaging content.


We'll report on conversion data (traffic vs a converted sale or enquiry). Our advice will improve conversions and we will also examine the performance of third-party channels and email marketing.

Services Overview.

Single Service

Digital marketing services to drive your services and sales.

Email Marketing | SEO | Social Media | 3rd party services | Google Adwords

SEO Pack

We provide this package on a monthly basis.

  • Monthly SEO strategy
  • Monthly website traffic review

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Intel Pack

Intel Reports

  • Monthly SEO strategy
  • Monthly website traffic review
  • Email marketing
  • Google Adwords

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Social Media


Email Marketing