Good Home Page Design Principles

Good Home Page Design Principles Good Home Page Design Principles

The home page design is the common entry point to your website. It should serve as a compelling window to your internal web content. We explore how to shape it for success.

Shop front parallels with web home page design
A shopfront window display to draw web design inspiration from.

At Receptive Media, we like to draw inspiration from shopfront displays and emulate this in our home page design.

A shopfront window is not only an extension of the brand, it performs a few other functions outlined here:

  • Indicates quickly what is inside
  • Uses visual tone to engage and relate
  • Grabs attention in a striking way
  • Entices and invites curiosity
  • Frames and highlights key products or ranges

How to Apply Through Web Design

If a page needs a big and striking image, it's usually the home page. In addition, a clear hierarchal order can and should be created with a large and hard-hitting image.

Other functions of a home page design:

  • Categorise key content
  • Present a fast and efficient route
  • Prioritise key content to support the SEO strategy

The Benefits of an Image Based Home Page

A large image allows you to change the impression of your website home page with minimal effort. This helps to keep your website style current and create a timeless classic design. If you present lots of small elements, it becomes more difficult to maintain. Home page banners are commonly presented in a slider which allows multiple messages to be displayed in a large format.

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