Hosting a Website

Hosting is a loose term used to describe the storing, processing and serving of your website content. It is a critical part of running your website.

Hosting is typically measured in the following ways:

  • Processors and Cores (Numerical)
  • Drive Storage (Gigabits)
  • Memory or RAM (Gigabits)

Drive Storage

The server, used within your hosting, operates in a similar way to a hard drive or computer. Files are stored and archived in directories wherby they are accessed by either the website itself, an adminstrator or directly by a web browser.


Memory is a physical device that is typically used to store frequently used data during operation. Memory storage is a preferred option to the drive storage for the speed advantages it provides. Data held in the memory can be retrived much more quickly, thus producing faster loading of frequent operations.


A server core is commonly referred to as a 'brain'. It interprets instructions, perfroms calulations and issues instuctions. Multiple cores are often employed to ensure more simultaneous operations can be performed since each core can operate or in parralel with each other. Types of core can include:

  • Single Core (1)
  • Dual Core (2)
  • Quad Core (4)
  • Hexa Core (8)

Additional Services

  • Backup
  • SSL Encryption