Google Analytics For Your Website

You've signed off on your web design project, you've launched and now what?

Understanding how users come to your website and how they interact with it are important factors to the success of it. It's critical you know what sources are driving the traffic and which are not. Google Analytics is a free and extensive statistic reporting tool that can help you understand these elements in detail.

Most web designers should have integrated Google Analytics into your web site, when it was built and give you a basic understanding. To summarise the process, a website profile will be set up for the design in Google Analytics. As a result, a code snippet will be provided which is then integrated, usually via a single template file, to load the code on every page of your website. The code will record an array of data about the website users, tracking where they came from, what they clicked on and how much they spent. Each time you log into Google Analytics you can get a thorough and collated understanding of all key website design metrics, which in turn efficiently highlights key areas for development.