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  • Magento 2.4 | Category Issue

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    A common issue we keep encountering on Magento 2.4 are intermittent blank category pages. The Problem: Magento product category pages often show blank. Summary: It’s become clear that the Magento 2 search indexes and category indexes are more intrinsically linked. In Magento 1 versions, the two areas were more isolated. Initial Findings: From the root […]

  • Web Design Glossary

    Web Design Glossary Like most industries, web design has its own common language. Get up to speed fast on a range of design, marketing and other key general terms. General What is a Content Management System (CMS) When maintaining a web site, it makes sense to provide an admin area for general users to log […]

  • Careers

    We currently don’t have any open design vacancies. Please use the form provided though and we’ll be sure to consider your skillset when we do.

  • Web Design Security Basics

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    When you sign up on most websites, your data will be stored in a database table. This table will typically include your username, email, password and any other details the website has on you. Each time you return to the website and try to log in, the user table will be cross-checked against what you […]

  • Magento Open Source 2.4.0 Upgrade Notes

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    Issues: ‘We can’t find products matching the selection.’ Summary: This error is shown on all category pages. No products are displayed. Initial Thoughts: Presumed upgrade or install of Elastic Search server. Remediation Install Elastic Search. Solution Applied Open terminal and run the following commands (These commands may vary depending on your server environment). First we […]