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    July BakeryBits Intel

    Key Points Devices SEO Adwords Social Email Products Trends Key Monthly Critical Points: Massive growth identified in ‘Sourdough’ & ‘Keto Bread’ Google terms (coconut flour/almond flour). Adwords is showing promising signs following a cut of underperforming products. Big flour demand spike indicated next month on trend charts. SEO showing continued promising growth. Mobile and Desktop […]

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    Marketing SEO Adwords Social Media Aftercare Would you like to receive monthly updates? We’ll review and investigate your website data and report on critical findings to drive traffic and produce greater returns.Devices. We’ll investigate device usage and report on growth. We’ll also advise on ways to promote growth. .e.g “Mobile growth is slowing YOY and […]

  • Case Study: BakeryBits

    Wed Design | Email Marketing | SEO | Print Design | Social MediaDigital Engagement BakeryBits is an international market-leading business that specialises in high quality baking equipment and ingredients. Strategy. We created a robust brand that covers an extensive collection of marketing materials. Website Design Adwords & SEO Email marketing Print Materials

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    Packaging Design

    Packaging Design (Honey Jar)

    Croakham Farm Honey We were tasked with refreshing the packaging of a range of honey. The design applied was energetic and intended to create better engagement with the consumer. 1 Branding Considerations Honey has strong associations with illness so the radical design attempts to break this link and at the same time reference environmental responsibility […]