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  • Web Design Security Basics

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    When you sign up on most websites, your data will be stored in a database table. This table will typically include your username, email, password and any other details the website has on you. Each time you return to the website and try to log in, the user table will be cross-checked against what you […]

  • Magento Open Source 2.4.0 Upgrade Notes

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    Issues: ‘We can’t find products matching the selection.’ Summary: This error is shown on all category pages. No products are displayed. Initial Thoughts: Presumed upgrade or install of Elastic Search server. Remediation Install Elastic Search. Solution Applied Open terminal and run the following commands (These commands may vary depending on your server environment). First we […]

  • How We Perceive Design

    Perception in design

    How do we perceive design? What is it that makes us like a piece of design work? Perception, for designers, is such an important thing. As designers, we attempt to shape perception to create loyalty or drive sales. But why do users like what they like? What is it about a design that appeals to […]

  • Magento 2 | Stripe Plugin Upgrade Issue

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    Environment: Magento 2.3.4, Stripe Payment (Pre 1.8.8). Background: 8th July 2020 Stripe notified us via email about a known cross scripting exploit and vulnerability and that we needed to upgrade. Problem: Attempts to upgrade from the Cryoznic version of the Stripe plugin to the New Official Stripe plugin failed. Consequential Problems: Security vulnerability in the […]

  • Cardiff Design Icons

    Cardiff Design Icons

    Time to take a short break from the web design and pay homage to some inspiring popular Cardiff design icons. The Welsh capital is packed with some gems. If you’re visiting us here in Cardiff, here’s a few designs you really must check out! Millenium Centre

  • Web Design Pricing

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    How much does a web design cost? The cost for web design varies in the same way that the cost of a house or car can. The total cost is relative to the work required for the number of sections and features that you would like to offer to your users. Why can other providers […]

  • Accessible Info in Web Design

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    Accessible web design… This is truly a hot topic and rightly so. Clear, concise and honest info is key to all parts of our daily lives, our education and well-being. As more of our life moves to web and online, we need to obtain info fast. Much in the same way that a red light […]

  • Guides for Editing Your WordPress Design

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    Content Editing Editing your Wordpress design can seem like a daunting task but it needn’t be. Here are some video guides to help shape your content. The video includes a breakdown of the primary WordPress content and an overview of Posts and Pages. All Wordpress Videos

  • SEO Fundamentals – Guide for Small Businesses

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    Why should we care about SEO Grow traffic Reach new audiences/users Brand awareness Attract users ready to buy/sign up Website performs better in other ways Sustainable growth We are going to answer the following questions… What is SEO? How does Google rank websites? How can we rank better in Google? How does Google rank websites? […]