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  • Web Design by Committee – Black or White?

    Design by Comittee - Garish and Original Design Example

    Whichever way you look at it, design by committee is a potential risk and hazard to good web design. Many areas of design are subjective in the same way as a colour choice or a house interior is. Everyone has his or her own preference and to compromise for all would produce a mess of […]

  • Good Home Page Design Principles

    Shop front parallels with web home page design

    The home page design is the common entry point to your website. It should serve as a compelling window to your internal web content. We explore how to shape it for success. At Receptive Media, we like to draw inspiration from shopfront displays and emulate this in our home page design. A shopfront window is […]

  • A guide for eCommerce store images

    eCommerce Category Product Images

    Preparing product images for an eCommerce store is important business. It can help make or break a web design. Do it well with these helpful tips. Note: we would strongly recommend you hire a good professional photographer for product images but if you can’t here’s some helpful tips. Include all of the product edges All […]

  • Shaping the User Experience

    Web Design Interface Plans

    Keep it Simple Don’t make the user think. A cashpoint machine is the perfect example of a simplistic user experience. Don’t give too many choices – they intimidate and do not invite. Minimise the menu choices – users do not have time to scan a lengthy menu. Recall and Return Be bold and don’t be […]

  • Marketing tips for your website

    A Google Analytics channel report

    You’ve launched your web design – what next? The final web design has been signed off, the launch button pressed and your website is now live but now what? Time to get marketing like a pro. Web Design Marketing You need to start driving user traffic to your website and drawing attention to it. There’s […]

  • Preparing for an eCommerce Website

    People considering an eCommerce website

    You’ve decided to move ahead with an eCommerce website so you need to start preparing the content. Nobody knows your products better than you so with a little bit of help you should have no problems. Overall Site Structure The first thing to start thinking about is the overall site structure. An eCommerce website is […]

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation SEO, or search engine optimisation, you’ve no doubt heard of. If you run a website or are planning to, it’s an aspect of digital marketing that you should ignore at your peril. Our SEO consultants can provide you with the expertise and knowledge to drive and grow organic traffic to your website […]

  • Our New Cardiff Office

    Cardiff Office

    We’re happy to announce that we’ve moved into our new business premises at Castle Court, Cathedral Road. A stone throw away from Cardiff Castle, we’ll be opening our doors and designing our websites in central Cardiff from now on. Prospective and old clients and are more than welcome to come and join us for a […]